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My New Hair Color & My Hair Color History

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello loves! If you saw my latest video from yesterday, you'll see I dyed my hair! I thought I'd share how I did it professionally at home in case you want to try it yourself. I also am going to go over my hair color history and my experience with highlights, getting it done at the salon, and box dyes. 

Time for some flash back pictures :) My natural hair color is a light ash brown. I'm showing my hair straight because if shows the color easier then when it's curly. I don't mind my natural color, but sometimes it can look dull and flat. But I managed to not dye it until I was about...16 I think.

Then I went to the salon and got honey blond and red highlights. If you you want to highlight your hair, I highly recommend going to the salon. It's more complex and can really end up bad and splotchy if you try it at home. But as you can see in the second picture, once you can a second set of highlights to touch up it will just make your hair more blonder. But highlights are nice because if they are close to your natural hair color then you won't have noticeable roots.

Then I dyed my hair a darker brown, a few shades lighter than my natural color, at the salon. And I got all over color this time. But for some reason, it washed out within like 3 weeks. I even used shampoo for color treated hair. So after paying so much, I was annoyed that it didn't even make it a month. And the color wasn't as dark as I wanted it.

Then I figured, if I'm going to pay that much at a salon and have it wash out, then I might as well use a box dye at home for cheap. I did a whole video on dying your hair at home here if you want to check that out. I got temporary color since I wasn't sure how the color would turn out, and so it would just fade out instead of having roots grow out. The only problem with the boxed dyes is that they make your hair shed..a lot. So after so much hair came out, I figured I better stay away from them.

So since I wanted my hair dark so bad, and I didn't want to damage it with box dyes or pay a fortune for it to fade at the salon, I decided to dye it professionally at home. I got all the products for under $10 at Sally's Beauty Supply. My mom used to be a hairdresser, so she has a Sally's card to get a discount. But the products are still pretty cheap, and you're getting the same stuff they use in a salon.
So I bought 2 Clairol Permanent's in the color 3N, which is a dark rich brown. Then I got the Clairol Pure White 20 developer. I also got a bottle for measuring and a brush. Keep in mind that you definitely want to have someone help you with this. I would have never been able to cover my hair evenly by myself. It was also very messy, so we did it in the kitchen where I could wipe it up on the tile if it dripped. So the results are shown in the above picture! I love the way it turned out. It looks almost black in the picture because I had only washed it twice since I dyed it. But I love it!

What do you guys think? Should I keep it?

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  1. I love the dark brown!! My hair is naturally a medium brown, but I've been dying it dark brown for quite some time now and I get tons of compliments!!

    AND it looks gorgeous on you! :)

  2. hi;)

    i have naturally medium chestnut golden brown hair but recently dyed my hair dark brown with clairol nice and easy. unfortunatley for me, it's fading because it's non permanent and i'm looking for a good permanent hair dye cuz i ordered dark brown extensions and i need to maintain my color. would this dye work for lighter brown hair? and how long does it last? and does it look dark at first then fades over time to a less intense color? sorry for all my rambling but i just love the way dark hair looks on me and i think you should keep this color;) blond is too overrated these days -_-

    1. I think the Clairol Permanent color I mention in this post will work fine for you. I don't know much about hair color, but I'm pretty sure you may need a different developer depending on how light or dark your natural hair is. I would go into Sally's and ask them for help. And it has been about 3-4 months since I used the dye and I still have the color in my hair. It has definitely faded some, but nothing major. However I like it to fade some over time that way my roots are not as noticeable. But I love it! I am planning on redying it with the same products later this month for touch ups.


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