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Guest Blogger: Keeping Up With the Latest Fashion Trend

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Miley Cyrus Hipster Trend
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    Fame is fleeting, and so is fashion. With the hasty pace of modern trends, people are constantly changing from style to style. It’s best to keep up to date on what’s chic before it becomes yesterday’s news.

    The biggest trend seen today, in 2012, is the “hipster” style. The word hipster is no longer just a noun; it’s now an adjective. Teens and young adults everywhere have been describing their new looks as hipster. The typical hipster outfit would most likely include the following:

· High-waisted shorts, cropped even shorter up the thighs
· Self-cut (or made to look that way) shirts that normally go above the belly button
· Shoes that lace up (i.e. combat boots)
· And many, MANY accessories

    While it’s controversial whether a person is truly hipster, the most common form of “hipster” is very Boho and beach-y. The hipster look has brought on a new generation of summer kids.

     One thing that is in style amongst almost everyone right now is being BOLD. People are beginning to make their style a statement and a reflection of their personality. Young celebrity Miley Cyrus has recently shocked fans by cutting off most of her hair and leaving the other bits to loosely sprawl across her head. The teen pop sensation has also adopted more of a “grunge” look to match her hairstyle. The theme of 2012: Go BOLD or go HOME.
Kim Kardashian Neon Blazer
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      The Kardashians are even getting in on this new desire to dress as outgoing as possible. The three fashion icons have been strutting their stuff in red bottomed heels (the hottest shoe of the season). Not only have their heels been standing out but they’ve also taken a liking to bright colors. No matter what color their outfit is, it seems as though they have been having fun adding neon accessories to it. Each of the sisters has been seen wearing blazers the color of highlighters.
      These sister’s aren’t the only celebrities to make use of bright colors, though, even singer Katy Perry has gone from an old fashioned pin- up girl style to more of a rainbow one. However, she didn’t stop at just her clothes. Katy Perry has recently died her chin- length hair blue! An outstanding blue nonetheless, and fans seem to love it.
      While everyone appears to have become more courageous in their looks, there is still the one woman who tops all others in making a statement: Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has become known worldwide, not only for her music, but for her taste in outfit design. Lady’s most prevalent dress that has become the talk of the globe is her meat dress. Made solely of raw beef, Lady Gaga paraded around in this one of a kind Franc Fernandez dress during the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards. This dress, along with many others, definitely caught the attention of her fans and still has people talking about her.  So whatever your style may be, wear it bold and wear it proud!

Article by Sharon Freeman who writes about Tluxe. Designer of women’s clothing and Designer Women’s Pants that combine luxury and comfort.

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