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VIDEO: How to Find the Right Shade of Foundation & Finish

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cool - Neutral - Warm
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Finding the correct shade of foundation is never easy. In this video, I go over many ways that you can determine your undertone, whether it be cool, neutral, or warm.  I also discuss how to choose your shade, or how dark or light.  Here's an overview of the tips I mention:

Determine your undertone:
  • Cool: pink rosy undertones, burns easily, blue toned veins
  • Neutral: neither rosy nor yellow undertones, tans or burns, blue-green veins *most are neutral
  • Warm: yellow "olive" undertones, doesn't burn easily, green toned veins
Determine your shade:
  • Choose the shade that you feel closest matches your skin tone, then choose a shade lighter and a shade darker. Swatch all 3 colors on your chest with the closest one to your skin in the middle. Allow the swatches to dry, and look at them in natural lighting outside.
  • Buy 1-3 bottles of the closest colors if you can't decide, and return the ones that don't work, or mix them for the perfect shade. 
  • If you are undecided between 2 shades, go with the lighter. Better to go too light then too dark. Some foundations also oxidize, meaning they dry darker.
Other help:
How to Find the Right Finish of Foundation:
  • Determine if you have dry, combo, oily, or normal skin
    • Dry skin is flaky, feels tight, has dry patches, and is usually sensitive to new products. More mature aging skin is usually dry, and can have a dull appearance. Pores are also less visible.
    • Combination skin is both dry and oily. Usually the outer perimeter of the face is dry, and the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is shiny and oily. Pores are visible.
    • Oily skin produces oil all over, and usually will cause makeup to break down or slide off throughout the day. Oily skin is also usually acne prone.
    • Normal skin is neither dry nor oily, and can still be acne prone. Pores are not as noticeable and skin is not sensitive to products.
  • Once you know your skin type, you can determine the type of foundation to purchase
    • Dry or mature skin: look for foundation that have claims like "luminous", "radiant", or anti aging foundations, and have a dewy finish. Dewy foundations make dry skin appear more hydrated, less flat, and won't cling to dry patches. Also, powders usually make dry skin appear more flat, and may enhance dry patches.
    • Combo or oily skin: look for foundations that claim to be "long lasting", "all day wear" or "mattifying". Matte finish foundations will help keep oil at bay, and will stay on longer without slipping off. Oily and combo skin types also require powder to set foundation.
    • Normal skin: can wear either matte or dewy foundations. I have normal skin and prefer matter foundations so it lasts longer and doesn't transfer onto clothing, etc. Normal skin may also not require powder on top.
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