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Eyebrow Tinting Routine for Effortless Summer Brows

Friday, July 07, 2017

Summer time is when I love going makeup-free, but since my brows are many shades lighter than my hair color, I always feel odd without them filled in. I get my hair dyed darker at an Aveda salon, and recently started having my brows done at the same time. I LOVE the results, and wanted to share my experience. I would say I'm sharing how I maintain them, but there is literally NO maintenance with them now! Aside from plucking the occasional stray hair, I can leave my brows as is or use a little pencil to enhance my arch (as I did in the photo to the right above).

Products Used:
I recommended Aveda hair color because it is plant-based, making it safe to use for your face. It won't make your eyebrows fall out or cause any thinning. The color is semi-permanent, and fades over time. The color usually lasts about 6-8 weeks before I start to notice them getting lighter.

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