VIDEO: Testing NEW PIXI Glowy Duos & Liquid Fairy Lights + Giveaway: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: Testing NEW PIXI Glowy Duos & Liquid Fairy Lights + Giveaway

Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Pixi Glowy Duos & Liquid Fairy Lights Review & Swatches

Today's makeup review is on the new PIXI by Petra Glowy Duos and Liquid Fairy Lights. I'm putting them to the test in this first impression review, and showing how they apply, swatches, my thoughts, AND giving away some to you guys. I love giving back when I receive PR packages, because I have so much makeup and love sharing the goods with ya ;)

Pixi Glowy Duo Subtle Sunrise Swatches

First up is the PIXI by Petra Glowy Duos, which is are 2 ultra-shimmery highlighters. They have 2 duos available, Subtle Sunrise (the one I am using and swatching), and Delicate Duo (one you can win!).
They're super smooth, definitely have great color payoff, and the shimmer is just right- not too much chunky glitter. They are great highlighters for fair skin, because they actually show up on me. Definitely a new favorite of mine! I love how you get 2 shade options too, which I always appreciate for travel so I can bring just one product.

Get them here for $16 each.

Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Rose Gold

Next are the PIXI by Petra Fairy Lights, which are liquid eyeshadows or eyeshadow toppers. Funny story: I actually applied these on my lips first and was NOT impressed.. I should have read the packaging! They look like lip colors! So embarrassing.. but now that I think about it I should have left that part in the video ;)
Anyways, they're great on the lids, which is where you're supposed to use them. They can be worn alone for a shimmery eye, or added over your eyeshadows. They have an applicator like a lip gloss, go on like a thin cream, but dry smoothly and not sticky. I was impressed at how comfortable they were to where.

However, a primer is a MUST! I tested it out with no primer (left side of the photo) and with my Smashbox primer (right side of the photo) and man what a difference. The side with the primer went on more pigmented, blended easier, and it lasted longer.

I tested them for about 5 hours of wear, and the side without the primer creased SO bad and looked gross. The primer side still was in tact and looked great!

Get them here for $15 each.

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