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VIDEO: How to Avoid the Top 5 Makeup Mistakes

Sunday, October 14, 2018

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How to Avoid Common Makeup Mistakesa

Makeup mishaps happen, especially when you're a beginner at makeup. I made countless "mistakes" when I was first learning how to apply makeup. Looking back now I have learned several tips and tricks for better makeup application, and I wanted to share these common mishaps with you, and how to fix them.
  1. Incorrect lighting. Majority of homes contain yellow-toned lighting which can really throw off your makeup application! It's not only typically dim, but the warm tones in the lighting can give you a false reading when color matching, blending, and more. I highly recommend using an LED daylight-colored makeup mirror, such as the JOI Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 Mirror.

    The bulbs mimic real daylight, which is perfect if you typically get ready before sunrise, have a poorly-lit room, or are traveling. The mirror folds up, is cordless and rechargeable making it ideal for taking on the go. It can also be mounted on the wall, and is adjustable.

    Go to to purchase the Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 Makeup Mirror.

  2. No Makeup Brushes (or dirty brushes). Using quality makeup brushes can make or break your makeup application. If you're a beginner on a budget, there are affordable makeup brushes to get you started. I have a video here I did a while back about Makeup Brushes for Beginners, or check out my more recent video: Essential Makeup Brushes to find just what you need for basic makeup application.
  3. No Skincare Routine. Great makeup starts with proper skincare! It's so important to be taking care of your skin before and after wearing makeup. If you are just getting started with makeup, I suggest my video on Best Affordable Skincare for Beginners. It's important to properly remove your makeup at night, cleanse, and moisturize the skin.
  4. Incorrect Foundation Shade or Type. Poor lighting is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing the right shade of foundation, which is why I love the JOI Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 Mirror for an accurate color reading. Also knowing the right type of foundation you need is crucial, whether you have oil skin, dry skin, or combination. Check out my detailed video on How to Find the Right Shade of Foundation for the proper steps.
  5. Less is More. One of the most common makeup mistakes that beginners make, is applying too much foundation, concealer, or powder and it can look cakey. Other common mistakes include too much eyeliner or clumpy mascara. This comes with trial and error, and practice! I have a video here on How to Prevent Cakey Makeup.
Looking for how-to tutorial solutions to the most common makeup mistakes? Check out my playlist here for a whole series on how to correct Common Makeup Problems and dos and don'ts. Also watch my Beginner on a Budget series for more tips and tricks for beginners at makeup.

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