VIDEO: Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes - How to Apply Eyeshadow, Liner, Brows: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes - How to Apply Eyeshadow, Liner, Brows

Sunday, December 02, 2018

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Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Today's video is going to walk you through set-by-step, how to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows for hooded eyes. I'm also mostly using drugstore products, and creating an natural, everyday makeup look that beginners can achieve.

What are hooded eyes?
Those with hooded eyes often have deep set eyes, where the brow bone sits overtop the lid, making the lid less visible. Those with mature skin often experience hooded eyes as they develop wrinkles and loose elasticity in their skin on their lids.

How to shape eyebrows for hooded eyes:
Using an eyebrow pencil, I lightly filled in my arch a bit higher than normal to create lift. I also cleaned up underneath my brows using concealer to shape my brows and create more lid space.

How to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes:

  1. Create a defined crease by looking straight into the mirror, and applying a light, matte brown shadow right ABOVE your natural crease using a pencil brush or small blending brush
  2. Blend out the that crease color into your natural crease using a small tapered blending brush, and focus the shadow on the outer half of your lid
  3. Apply a light, shimmery shadow to the lid and inner corners using an eye shading brush to create a more prominent lid and to open up the eyes
  4. Using a darker matte brown eyeshadow on the pencil brush, create a V shape for a subtle cat eye
  5. Apply a matte skin tone shade on your brow bone using a blending brush
  6. Using a flat definer brush or a pencil brush, apply the matte brown shade to the lower lashline 
  7. Apply cream, pencil, or liquid liner in a very thin line, keeping it close to your lashline. Create a wing that is angled up towards the tip of your brow using a small angled eyeliner brush. Avoid applying heavy liner on the inner portion of your lid. Apply a thin line on outer half of the lower lashline.
  8. Clean up any shadow or liner that fell below the corner of your eye using a concealer brush, angling it up toward your brow.
  9. Curl your lashes to help lift and open the eyes
  10. Apply mascara while looking down your mirror to avoid getting it on your lid
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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial. I’m near 60 (when did that happen!) and have always had deep set eyes, now confounded by hooded eyes - what a nice way to say wrinkle laden lol Your method has totally changed my attitude about wearing tee makeup. Usually I don’t bother as I can’t even see what I did, and my deepest eyes recede even further. Thank you thank you thank you ��


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