VIDEO: Garnier Curl Treats Smoothie & Jelly Review & Routine: GetGlammedUp - Everyday Beauty, Simplified

VIDEO: Garnier Curl Treats Smoothie & Jelly Review & Routine

Sunday, February 24, 2019

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Garnier has released its first curly girl method approved stylers - the Curl Treats line. I am so excited that there are now sulfate, silicone, and paraben free styling products from the drugstore by Garnier, and best of all - only $6.99 each. Today I'm testing out the Garnier Curl Treats Smoothie Defining Leave-In Styler and the Jelly Shaping Leave-In Styler.

How to use the Garnier Curl Treats
I started out with clean wet hair, and sectioned my hair off. I first applied the Smoothie and realized I used too much product. A little really goes a long way with these! I then applied the Jelly overtop, and scrunched my hair before moving on to each section. Next I plopped for about 10 minutes and diffused until dry. After my hair was completely dry, I fluffed my hair and scrunched with dry hands to break up the gel cast.

My Results
Since these products are designed for all curl types, from wavy to kinky curls, I think it's best to adjust the amount of product used. For fine and wavy textures, less is more. If you have thick coarse hair, applying more product will give you more hold. However, even though I have 3b fine curly hair and I thought I applied too much, the products did not weigh down my hair at all. I did have a hard gel cast, but I did not have any frizz and my style held up nicely for the next day. It think I would have gotten more volume if I had used less product. One thing I also noticed is how much shine my hair had! Crazy!

Final Thoughts
I was so so happy with my results, and for the price, amazing! You get 10.5 ounces of product for only $6.99, so they are going to last forever! I am so glad that Garnier has created products that are curly girl method approved, and even better - for all curl types. Well done!

I'm curious to test out a wash and go with using just the Jelly. I'll be sure to update you soon on those results.

There is also the Curl Treats Butter Hydrating Leave-In Styler for normal to coarse curls.

Products Used:

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