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VIDEO: Curl Keeper Gel Review & Wear Test in Humidity

Sunday, June 09, 2019

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Today’s video is a follow-up from my last video, where I took you through 4 days straight of refreshing my hair that had gotten ruined by intense humidity. I typically adjust my hair routine in the summer months when it’s humid out, and use more strong hold gels to have longer-lasting hold. I decided to try out the Curl Keeper Gel again, and see how well it held up. I had tried it about a year ago, and did not have any luck with it no matter which method I used to apply it. Since my hair has changed so much recently, I thought I’d give it another go.

I used the method I shared in a recent video where I section off my hair, and comb the product through very wet hair liberally. I wanted to make sure every bit was cooked so no frizz could peak through. After plopping for 20 minutes, I diffused on low heat and low airflow.

After drying, my curls had a light to medium hold to them with a bit of a gel cast. My hair felt soft, shiny, and defined.

When I filmed the intro of this video, my curls were looking amazing, but by the end of the day (12 hours later) the frizz bomb was back. On camera it looked great, but in different lighting you could really the see frizz that had developed. I had volume and some definition, but the gel cast was totally gone.

Overall I will not be re-purchasing this gel, BUT I do think it would be perfect for someone with a lighter curl pattern, wavy hair, or those who don’t tend to get frizz. The texture is super light and watery, so it won’t weigh down fine curly hair or waves.

Find it on Amazon here for $19.

The hunt for the best gel for humidity continues..

I’m currently testing out the Ouidad Climate Control Gel, and so far so good! I’ve tried applying it several ways, and so far I like my hair best on Day 2-3 with it. It’s lightweight and watery in texture too, so my hair feels silky with it. More to come!

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Curl Keeper Gel Review & Wear Test in Humidity

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