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VIDEO: Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel 4 Day Test

Sunday, June 30, 2019

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The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel is known to be one of the best curly girl method approved gels for humid weather. I had to put to the test after several subscribers recommended it to me after seeing my constant battle with frizz. Since transitioning my curls, they frizz up so easily in the slightest humidity, making all the hard work of styling my hair quickly dissipate.

Since y'all really seemed to enjoy the video I did on a week of refreshing my hair, I thought I'd do a little check in each day after my wash & go and share how I refreshed each day.Day 1 (wash day) I had great results, my curls were super defined, and my hair felt very lightweight and soft. However, by that evening my curls were pretty frizzy but I still had curl definition.

Day 2 appeared to show the best results, I think because I had a base layer of gel, then after refreshing I sealed in any frizz that had formed. My favorite thing about this gel is how smooth my hair feels and doesn't tangle easily, making refreshing a breeze.

Day 3 was about the same, but still required refreshing this day held up ok because I was inside most of the day. I still had some frizz form and at this point my roots were starting to get flat.

Day 4 looked ok after refreshing, but was quickly ruined after just 2 hours of being outside for a about 30 min. My hair fell flat and I noticed my curls felt damp and limp from the humidity. I decided to wash my hair on Day 5.

Overall, I loved how the gel made my hair feel, and it looks great as long as I'm not out in the humidity too long. I think this would be ideal for someone who has less frizz than me, and/or a lighter curl pattern or wave. It's a super lightweight gel, and gives a medium hold.

Purchase it here for around $26 on Amazon, or from Ulta.

My awesome Instagram follower, Tina, recommended I try the Stronger Hold version of the gel, so I'm going to order it and test it for ya'll!

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