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VIDEO: Curly Haircut - Signs Your Curls Need a Trim

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Anyone with curly hair knows how it takes FOREVER to grow out your hair. Everyone struggles with biting the bullet and getting that much needed trim because we know how much curls shrink up with even just the smallest bit of a trim.

However letting go of those split ends, fairy knots/single strand knots, and stringy ends can make the world of difference in the health of your hair. After getting a trim, my hair has so much more bounce, volume, and definition.

I'm sharing several signs today that are an indication that you need a trim, what my hair cut and shape is, how to avoid the "big chop," and how to find a curly hair stylist.

How to tell when you need a trim:

Fairy knots

Fairy knots, or as some say "single strand knots." I get these so bad! Fairy knots are caused by damaged, split ends that easy tangle up due to friction. These can cause more tangles and breakage, and they only way to get rid of them is to cut them off.

Split Ends

Split ends. The biggest and most common sign of needing a trim. Split ends are caused by heat styling, diffusing, friction, and chemical damage. Again, only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. This can usually be done with a small dusting, but it's crucial to cut them before they spread further up the hair stranding making your hair shorter.

Before & after trim curly hair

Weighed down or limp curls. Split ends and damage can cause the curls to appear more stretched and lifeless. Even the smallest bit of a trim will make your curls bounce back.

Tangles in curly hair

Tangles and excess shedding. This is a big one for me, and the biggest indicator for when I need a trim. Since damaged ends are not smooth, the friction leads to tangles. When the hair is tangled up, oftentimes we loose more hair during detangling and washing.

Before & After Curly Haircut

Thin/stringy ends are another big one for me! Since I have fine curly hair, my ends can really start to look thin and stringy when they're dead and need to be trimmed. This is especially visible from the back.

Frizzy ends after diffusing, or product not holding your ends. If you prefer the more defined look with gel, you may notice that no matter how much product you apply, your ends look frayed and frizzy.

For more info, check out my Curly Haircare for Beginners playlist for how-tos and tips.

Signs your curls need a trim

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