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VIDEO: 4 Curly Hair Styling Techniques using 1 Product - Dippity Do Gel

Sunday, December 01, 2019

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This video was super fun to make, because I got to A/B test different methods of styling curly hair and product application techniques. I decided to use my favorite, strong hold gel from Dippity Do because I always love my results no matter how I apply the gel. It has a medium to strong hold, and leaves the hair soft after scrunching out the crunch.
Dippity Do Gel

Method #1: Super Defined Ringlets
This styling method involves sectioning off the hair and combing the gel through to evenly coat each strand. I used the Denman brush to define each curl individually. This gives tight ringlets, but will result in ringlets. This method is known to not produce much volume, although you can fluff your root and scrunch out the crunch to help get bigger hair.

Method #2: Quick & Easy Style
When I'm in a hurry, I don't do anything special when applying my stylers and I simply pull the product through my hair and try my best to evenly coat the strands. I typically finish off with scrunching to help encourage ringlets to form. This method gives me a basic look with not a ton of volume but overall frizz-free curls.

Method #3: "Smasters" Technique
Coined by the curly hair community, this method involves layering your styling products for more defined curls. I applied one layer of the gel, allowed my hair to begin to dry about 5%, then go in with more gel and smooth frizz just where needed. This technique gave me a longer lasting style, volume, and definition.

Method #4: Mega Volume + Definition
This method is my own hodgepodge of techniques all in one, where I use several tricks for getting maximum volume such as styling upside down and separating curls by raking my hands through. I then use the Denman brush to define just the top layer, while keeping the inside layer separated.

Which is your favorite? I'm leaning towards #3 and #4, but interested in hearing your thoughts!

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