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VIDEO: How to Diffuse Curly Hair without Frizz for Beginners

Monday, March 23, 2020

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Many people with naturally curly hair find it difficult to dry their hair using a hair dryer and diffuser attachment because it can often cause frizz. Air drying is much healthier for your hair, but it can take almost an entire day sometimes for curly hair to fully dry. If you have fine curly hair like mine, or wavy curls, diffusing can help with curl definition and create ringlets, versus air dying where the ringlets are typically more elongated.

I've always diffused my hair upside down by gathering my hair into the diffuser and pressing it up to my head. Although that method gives me tight ringlets, it can often cause frizz on the ends and split ends. I've been testing a new "plopping" method where the diffuser doesn't touch the hair, and hovers around instead.

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