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VIDEO: How to Cocktail & Layer Curly Hair Products

Sunday, May 03, 2020

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Have you ever tried out a new product combination and didn't get good results? Maybe your hair had flakes, a sticky residue, or was weighed down. Some products just aren't compatible due to the ingredients, and since we're not scientists or product formulators here, how can we tell which ones pair well together? There's a simple test you can do on your hand.

How to Cocktail Curly Hair Products

Mix a bit of each product on your hand, and blend together.

Signs the products don't work well together:
  • Mixture has a thick, chunky texture
  • Separated and not blending
  • Sticky or gummy texture
  • Mixture dries up instantly and forms a dry, white, lotion texture
  • Rolling up or flaking on your hand when wiped off
Signs the products do work well together:
  • Blends easily
  • Mixes and forms into one
  • Milky or clear color
  • Wipes away easily
  • Feels smooth and creamy
It's important to note that sometimes even if a product doesn't mix *perfectly* together, that they can still be used together. I recommend doing the layering method, applying the cream or leave-in first, then the gel or mousse. However if you experience flakes or stickiness then don't combine them.

What's the difference between cocktailing and layering?
A product "cocktail" refers to mixing the products together in your hands and then applying them at once to you hair.
Layering is the most common method of applying styling products, where you start with a leave-in conditioner and/or a cream, and then apply a gel or a mousse last.

When purchasing hair products, the easiest way to know if they're compatible is to purchase products from the same brand or product line, because they're designed to be used together.

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