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VIDEO: Innersense Detailed Review & Routine

Sunday, May 17, 2020

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The review you've all been waiting for... Innersense Organic Beauty!
So many of you have asked me to try this brand out, and it's definitely a tricky one. These products are unlike anything I've tried, and it took me a while to get a good routine down, but my results have been worth it!

Innersense is a fully organic brand, and the ingredients are packed full with natural extracts. The formulas are concentrated and have a very low amount of water, making them potent and high quality. This took some getting used to for me, as I typically use a range of drugstore and higher end brands. I find that you need a lot less product when working with these concentrated products, and you can really customize the look.

Products Shown:
Here's some thing I learned with all the trial and error:
  • Start with less product, and slowly add more to customize your look
  • Use water when styling to dilute products that are hard to spread such as the gel
  • Section off the hair when applying the product for even distribution
  • Make sure your hair has enough moisture by starting with the cream or leave-in before gel
  • Avoid mixing the I Create Volume with the I Create Hold
I really recommend talking with a hairstylist if possible to learn how to use Innersense products and which products are best for you. I talked with Molly from Botticelli Curls Hair Studio and she was so helpful! I also watched a couple other stylists who share their tutorials and tips.

To see how I refresh on Day 2, you can watch my recent Work From Home Morning Routine video where I shared an easy refresh routine.

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  1. which innersense shampoo, conditioner, products, would you recommend for wavy,thick,course hair ? thanks

  2. What do you mean by using a sealing product if using glycerin in a humid climate? Would that be the gel, or is there something else I should use after the gel?


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